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Cupco presents the IRONMAN HEAD an absolute CUPCO masterpiece. This head was made from an old red IGA shopping bag that I found on the side of the road) and some gold carpet underlay from the local Bunnings! The perfect gift for that person that has everything but may not have a red and golden head sculpture! . Entirely hand made and crafted this human size head is the perfect piece for your desk or mantel to remind you of the fultility and absolute exuberance of LIFE!!!

Handmade and recycled with incredible attention to detail, this free-standing soft sculpture consists of exquisite vein coloured panels making up the pattern of veins, arteries and capillaries within us all!!

Materials: IGA bag, Golden Underlay, Ping Pong Ball Eyes

Dimensions: The size of an average human head
25cm (W) x 30cm (H) x 25cm (D)
10in (W) x 12in (H) x 10in (D)


Comes with lots of free freebies!!